About De Maas BV

De Maas has been established early in the 20th century by a few entrepreneurs from Rotterdam and the alliance with this city and its river is clearly expressed by the naming of our company. Also our motto is obviously of Rotterdam origin: “Work hard and be good to your clients”. This means to say that we shall be delighted to make you a happy customer of De Maas, thanks to our expertise and our passion for service. Simple as that!

Pand van De Maas B.V. in ZwijndrechtOur trade is the supply, but also the repair and general overhaul of (marine) engines and generator sets. During many, many years we have built for ourselves an excellent reputation, with the result that several prominent engine manufacturers have chosen the expertise of De Maas to look after their interests.

As of 1965 we have been importer of the famous Lister-Petter marine engines and generator sets. Other well-known brands, which we can often supply directly from stock, are: Doosan, JCB and Hyundai Seasall.

These top notch manufacturers are obviously most critical when appointing their dealers. De Maas is therefore very happy and very proud to have such a long and successful cooperation with these leading engine manufacturers. On the other side of our success we have our widespread clientele, who are, of course, also quite critical when choosing their business partners. They all have given us their confidence and rightfully so; no client of ours has ever been in the least disappointed in his expectations.

Another specialty of ours is the construction of generator sets, built to specifications. We are in the favourable position to select the best possible diesel engine for its purpose from our vast programme and connect it to the best suitable Mecc Alte generator, which we carry in our programme on an exclusive basis.

Our field of activity is industry, lease market and inland shipping. We build, install, repair and recondition marine engines and generator sets and we supply, right from stock, all required components, such as sound deadening encasings, flexible exhaust hoses, oil filter systems, battery chargers and inverters, and much, much more.

If possible, our expert engineers execute minor repairs right on the spot, but also a complete overhaul is one our specialties: in Zwijndrecht we have a large and well-equipped workshop, with a most modern test bench and a number of genuine specialists; all of which is your guarantee that your engine or machinery will be fully operational again for many years to come.

The expertise of De Maas will provide you with an objective advice when looking for the ideal engine or generator set.

So, have a word with us and we shall definitely help you on the right (water)way!

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