DoosanDoosan provides diesel engines and natural gas engines for generator sets, marine and industrial applications. The Doosan range of heavy duty propulsion engines and auxiliaries is a firm favourite with commercial fleets. These engines are also used to drive bow thrusters and produce custom built power packs. The Doosan marine boat engines are heat exchanger or keel cooled propulsion engines from 5.8 to 22 litres. Doosan also produces a range of auxiliary engines and generating sets, industrial diesel engines and natural gas engines. Custom built power packs are also available.

Doosan’s diesel generator engines and power unit engines are designed for easy, fast and economical installation. Well-balanced to provide vibration free and low level noise while in operation.

Doosan accessories available

  • Insulated return electrics 
  • Keel cooling kits to replace heat exchanger cooling
  • Forward Power take-off shafts and pulleys
  • Double skin fuel lines for unmanned engine rooms
  • Water injection bends in stainless steel
  • Second 45 amp engine mounted alternator with mounting kit and drive belt
  • 100 amp alternator in lieu of standard fuel pump guard
  • Engine mounted bilge and deck wash pumps
  • Flexible engine mounts
  • Flexible tailshaft couplings

Please find more specific information about our Doosan products at this specialized website.

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