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Motors and generators for marine and industry.

We supply renowned brands such as HD Hyundai Infracore, Lister Petter, Raywin and Mecc Alte generators. In this way we can always offer you the right power source for your specific need.

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For over 100 years, we have been known for top-quality engines and generators for shipping and industry. Our partnerships with renowned brands reflect our commitment to excellence, yet our greatest pride lies in serving customers worldwide with quality products and service.

Marine Engines

Modern HD Hyundai infracore Stage V / IMO Tier III marine diesel engines.

Industry Engines

Reliable diesel engines from HD Hyundai Infracore, Raywin and Lister Petter for industrial applications.


High quality Mecc Alte for generators and complete emergency power systems.


Where quality makes the difference

Hyundai marine engines

Modern Stage V / IMO Tier III marine diesel engines from HD Hyundai Infracore.

Hyundai Industrial Engines

Reliable diesel engines from HD Hyundai Infracore for industrial applications.

Raywin Engines

Compact water-cooled diesel engines with high efficiency.

Lister Petter engines

Generator set engines with power ratings from 5.5 to 41.3 kW.

Mecc Alte generators

High quality generators from Mecc Alte.

Marine Diesel Engines

A marine engine is the beating heart of every ship, an essential component that must function reliably worldwide. That is why choosing a supplier with excellent worldwide service is essential. At De Maas, we offer state-of-the-art Stage V / IMO Tier III marine diesel engines from HD Hyundai Infracore. These engines can be used for onboard power to complete your vessel’s propulsion.

Industry Diesel Engines

Our HD Hyundai Infracore, Lister Petter, and Raywin industrial diesel engines are widely used in the industry. With the introduction of Stage V emissions regulations, our engines are even more efficient and capable of operating in demanding conditions. The engines are known for their instant response, high torque at low speeds, and low fuel consumption.


Generators are crucial for reliable power supply. For years, De Maas has trusted Mecc Alte for top-quality generators. Mecc Alte is renowned worldwide for producing high-quality, efficient generators.

Looking for parts?

In addition to the brands we carry, such as HD Hyundai Infracore, Lister Petter, Raywin, and Mecc Alte, we can also supply parts from other brands. Do you need specific parts? Our parts department can quickly help you find the right ones.

We take care of our customers

What do we value at De Maas? Rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. Taking good care of our customers. Expertise. The most reliable products. De Maas is characterized by quality, knowledge, and the distinctive no-nonsense attitude of Rotterdam. Renowned brands such as Lister Petter, Raywin, HD Hyundai Infracore, and Mecc Alte choose De Maas for a reason to represent their interests!